• Artesyn

    Artesyn Embedded Technologies is a leading manufacturer in the power supply industry. Artesyn maintains a competitive advantage by using cutting-edge technology when developing and manufacturing AC/DC power supplies and DC/DC converters. Artesyn are trusted by many industrial manufacturers, system integrators and OEM’s for use in the production of their end products. These power supplies are used in nearly every industry because of their high reliability and efficiency. CyPower has one of the largest in-stock selections of Artesyn products.

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  • Cosel

    Cosel Power Supplies: Cosel has been manufacturing AC/DC and DC/DC power products for over 40 years. Their attention to detail and proven manufacturing process results in one of the lowest documented failure rates in the industry. With extensive experience, Cosel has been able to streamline the production process and ensure that their power supplies are affordable and reliable. CyPower offers a full catalog of Cosel power supplies - browse our inventory to find the products you are looking for.

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  • Delta Power
    Delta Power(132)

    Delta Electronics Group is the world’s largest provider of switching power supplies and a major source for power management solutions components, visual displays, industrial automation, networking products and renewable energy solutions. Established in 1971, Delta has sales offices and R&D facilities worldwide with manufacturing plants located in Taiwan, Thailand, China, Mexico, India and Europe.
    As a global leader in power electronics, Delta has long been adopting Green manufacturing processes, recycling initiatives, waste management programs and environmentally friendly green buildings. Delta’s effort was recognized by CNBC European Business magazine as Global Top 100 Low-Carbon Pioneer. This relentless endeavor is also reflected in Delta’s corporate mission: “To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow.” Delta has seen strong double-digit revenue growth since 1994.
    Many top tier companies on the Fortune® 500 list has long regarded Delta as a trusted ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) partner. These companies expect nothing less than the best technology, quality and reliability. With Delta’s continuing growth and expanding customer base for decades, the result speak for itself.
    Since 2008, Delta has started introducing its own brand of standard power supplies. These products offer customers the same excellent technology and quality that Delta’s ODM partners are familiar with. Due to the fast growing popularity of Delta’s CliQ DIN Rail power supplies and PMC Panel Mount power supplies series, more product types will be introduced regularly.

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  • Digital Power
    Digital Power(71)

    CyPower offers a complete selection of Digital Power supplies at affordable prices. Digital Power Corp. has merged with other leading power manufacturing companies over the years to become an industry leader for high-volume power solutions. They focus primarily on open frame, power enclosures and custom power supply development. Digital Power and its partners have manufacturing divisions in the US and UK. International engineering and custom design makes Digital Power an appealing choice for many equipment manufacturers.

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  • Ericsson

    Ericsson Power produces DC/DC converters mainly used by the telecommunication industry. Their products can be found powering high-demand equipment such as radio towers, high traffic server farms and other telecomm pieces of equipment. Their unique manufacturing process allows the company to develop some of the most rugged and reliable power modules available on the market. For this reason, Ericsson products are used by the health care industry, airline and space exploration and many other markets. CyPower stocks a comprehensive catalog of Ericsson power supply products.

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  • Excelsys

    Excelsys is a provider of AC/DC power supplies that meet a wide range of wattage and voltage requirements. They manufacture power solutions to meet a vast variety of power specifications. Excelsys takes pride in being an innovative power supply manufacturer in both the design and engineering process. They supply technology manufacturers across the world with dependable products featuring efficient and reliable technology. Browse CyPower’s selection of Excelsys power supplies to find the power solution you need.

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  • N2Power

    N2Power was founded in 1998 and designs and manufactures small, efficient open-frame switching power supplies based on patented technology. Its products are engineered for applications where cost, space, packaging, electrical consumption and heat dissipation are important considerations.Unique Green design AC-DC power supplies reduce energy consumption, generate less waste heat, and require little forced air cooling, decreasing AC loads and increasing reliability and economy of operation. Power supplies are RoHS compliant, ATX and PFC (Power Factor Corrected).

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  • NetPower

    NetPower manufactures power converters developed to the latest industry technology. The efficiency of NetPower products is largely contributed to their thermal diffusion process. This accounts for longer lasting better performing products. Their DC-DC power converters are used in a variety of demanding markets throughout different industry’s and market segments. NetPower has a reputation for superior reliable product manufacturing. View CyPower’s large selection of NetPower power supplies and order your part today.

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  • Phihong

    Phihong leads the market for power adapters through innovation and reliability. Their power supply division is quickly gaining traction in the communication and portable electronics sectors. By taking advantage of new technology, Phihong is able to produce high quality power solutions at affordable prices. CyPower is an authorized distributor for Phihong power supplies--our full catalog of Phihong power supply products is available online here at CyPower.

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  • Shamrock Bolt And Screw, Inc.
    Shamrock Bolt And Screw, Inc.(6)

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  • Sparkle

    Sparkle power supply company is one of the leading worldwide manufacturers of switching power supplies. They continue to innovate in their sector of the market by their large R&D division. Another key growth strategy is aligning with key industry leaders. Their manufacturing process emphasizes quality and performance. The result is cost-effective Sparkle power supplies that have earned a superior reputation in the personal computing, telecom and consumer markets. CyPower carries a large online selection of Sparkle power supply options. Contact CyPower today for any questions or immediate needs.

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  • TDK-Lambda

    TDK-Lambda Power Supplies: The world’s leading manufacturer of switching power supply products. Lambda was founded over 60 years ago and has continued to grow on the basic principles of quality and reliability. Currently, TDK-Lambda has unmatched global reach with manufacturing plants on nearly every continent. TDK-Lambda is also ISO 9001 certified and understands the importance of funding their R&D department in order to continue innovating and remain at the forefront of the industry. CyPower is an authorized TDK-Lambda power supply distributor and has one of the largest in-stock selections - browse our online catalog to find the products you are looking for.

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  • Vox Power
    Vox Power(18)

    600 Watts of power in the palm of your hand. Vox Power, design and deliver sophisticated switch mode power supplies but specialize in cutting-edge and miniature AC/DC power converters with the highest power densities on the market today. The modular and user configurable architecture allows custom power solutions to be designed in minutes. This product sets a new benchmark in AC/DC power conversion and supplies a massive 600 watts in a 5” x 3” x 1U chassis.

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